Discover the backcountry Canada and it's secrets and get hooked for ever

Your ONE STOP Canada Travel Guide to the Backcountry

With the Canada Travel Guide discover the Real Canadian Way of Life – get Hooked for ever!

The Canada Travel Guide is your stepping-stone to Canada. You will find valuable tips on visas, work and travel, budget travel, wilderness skills. Learn about Canadian rodeos and the wild west and – how to meet the locals. My travel blog keeps you updated with insider travel tips.

I ‘m sure, you have been planing it for years – the big trip to the backcountry Canada – the heart and the soul of Canada. 

You want more than a sightseeing trip through the Canadian Rockies, you are someone who wants to find secluded campsites, backpack, hike and camp. Someone who wants to go off-road driving and explore the backcountry Canada independently.

Maybe moving or immigrating to Canada has crossed your mind?

If any of this is the case, you came to the right place. The Backcountry Canada Travel Guide will tell you the facts and get you inspired to follow your dream.

Meet rangers, cowboys, tourists and travellers, runaways and rebels, aboriginal people, Amish and Mennonites, pub owners and drunks, miners and madmen.

Visit all the major tourist attractions in Canada, but the real fun is in finding the backcountry secrets in between.

Find forgotten graves, secret hot pools, hidden waterfalls, isolated free campsites, remote and friendly backcountry pubs.

However, Canada is the second largest country in the world. As a result, distances between places and attractions are huge. Therefore learn how to take your time and travel with a specific purpose.

Most of all become an Adventure Tourist! Talk about “What I did” instead of just “Where I went”.

Have fun without spending a fortune and travelling great distances.

I have lived, worked and travelled Backcountry Canada for nearly 20 years. It is my home and I love it.

What do you get out of this guide?

The Backcountry Canada Travel Guide contains everything I’ve discovered and learned over the years, living, working and travelling in backcountry Canada. It’s based on personal travel experience and working in adventure tourism.

You will see that the Canadian backcountry is not only forests, mountains, lakes and grizzly bears. It’s far from that, and it’s not as dangerous as you think.

Learn about our wildlife, wolfs and coyotes, and what to do when you run into a cougar.

Also read about the First Nations and the local folks. Find out how to avoid the tourist crowds. Get inspired to do a hike at at Rogers Pass. Explore Buffalo jump, before heading up to Dinesour Provincial Park in Alberta Canada.

Do you want to get a taste of the Wild West? Check out Justina’s travel story.

Maybe heliskiing in Canada or heliboarding is on your bucket list; you will find information on it on this website.

Find a cheap flight and know what to pack for your trip. Look out for cheap accommodation or a free campsite.  Get tips on how to get a working holiday visa AND find a job.

And that’s just a start!

The Backcountry Canada Travel Guide is filled with heaps of information.  It will help you with travel planning.

The Canadian backcountry is beautiful and wild. Unless you have been here before, you won’t be able to imagine it. There is the feel of solitude and space, when you sit in front of a campfire at night, gazing up to millions of stars.

The backcountry is not where most travellers to Canada are heading. I do promise you, when you travel on those backcountry roads, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and freedom you never thought possible.

Get off the beaten track – experience the wilderness!

What you need to travel in the backcountry is enough information, and some common sense. I hope that I can offer you plenty of both.

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Canada Travel Guide

Time to dig in and plan the adventure

First of all, visit my getting started page on the backcountry Canada Travel Guide and start exploring.

Also, you will find updates on my My Travel Blog regularly. Read about secret places and personal stories. You learn about the challenges that occur when living at the edge. Or find out, how new technology ends up in a backcounty kitchen.

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Get inspired by the Backcountry Canada Travel Guide and Happy Travelling!

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