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Start Here: Plan Your Wilderness Adventure

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning your dream trip to Canada. What’s the first step? Where do you gather all the information? Travel can seem like an overwhelming subject with so much material available. Of course, the longer you go away, the more you have to think about. I want to make planning your gap year in Canada, adventure road trip, backpacking trip, and wilderness adventure travel simple and easy.

Here you’ll find links to the pages and best articles on this site related to planning a trip to Canada – whether it’s a two-week Wilderness Adventure or a one or two-year-long stay.

Let’s start by explaining my mission

While supplying you with general travel information, my main purpose is to give you insider tips to show you how local people travel in Canada and how they venture into the backcountry. I want to make sure that you don’t follow tourist traps, but also want to convince you that independent travel is for everyone, singles, couples, backpackers, and adventurers like me. My valuable information and travel tips will make you hit the road into the backcountry with confidence and you will be prepared.

wilderness adventure Cananda

I know it’s something many people dream about, the bucket list road trip to the Yukon, a 4WD trek up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic,  hiking in the Rockies, trekking the famous West Coast Trail, wild camping at a secluded lake in the mountains, sleeping in the wilderness under millions of stars.

These are adventures that I’m doing a lot of. It’s my reason for living at the edge of the Canadian wilderness.

I’m aware for many people planning a road trip on a well-travelled tourist route is already an adventure. And this is exactly how all backcountry travel should be: a wilderness adventure! I encourage you to spend time in Canada’s backcountry and you will experience a wilderness you can’t even imagine.

The reason I am able to inspire you is because I live in the Backcountry and I do the things many people dream of doing.


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