Work and Travel Canada and have fun doing it

Work and Travel Canada

To work and travel Canada at the same time is the best way to experience our amazing country and I will tell you how you can do it.

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That’s what I did when I came to Canada first, I did work and travel in Canada. Work for a while, and then move on to new places. This definitely helped with adapting to a new way of life “the Canadian way” very quickly, and I loved it.

I met lots of great people during my work and travel Canada years and discovered amazing places; it was the best education ever. I didn’t even have a Canadian Working Holiday Visa, they weren’t available then.

Work and travel across Canada are the best and cheapest adventures ever!

You don’t need to be rich to spend a year or two in Canada! I show you how you can do it. Sounds interesting, but you don’t know where to start?

Work and travel Canada – where to start

Work and Travel Canada

Many young travellers come to Canada with a Work Visa Canada, but they are not quite sure how to go about to find work.

They know the job situation in their homeland, but here it’s different and to find work in Canada is not easy. Therefore, it’s good to come prepared!

You need work experience to get a job, a resume and references. You will be busy hunting around and applying for jobs and going to interviews.

If you rather skip the hassle involved and don’t want the worries, you can get the Working Holiday Visa the easy way through an Immigration Agent Office.  They might help you with finding a work in Canada as well.

There are many different job opportunities in Canada, especially in the backcountry.

I don’t want you to get stuck in Toronto or Vancouver for too long during your work and travel Canada trip. Remember what you came to Canada for, to see the backcountry and to experience Canada’s rugged wilderness.

To get stranded in the big cities seems to happen to lots of travellers. They get some casual work at Starbucks, or in an office or shopping mall during the day, and every night they go out and spend their money in a backpacker bar or pub. A couple of month down the road they have not more cash than what they came with, and they haven’t seen anything of Canada yet.

City life is not cheap, so beware of getting stuck there! Canada has interesting cities, but that’s not what work and travel in Canada are about!

Most people are not aware of the opportunities that exist outside the cities. Big cities don’t differ much from country to country; they make it easy for us to adapt and feel safe.

If you venture out of the main cities you will be surprised how many restaurants, motels, stores, have Help Wanted signs in the windows.

When you come out to the country you realize, Canada is very different, and that’s where your real work and travel Canada adventure begins. Leave the cities behind and head out, go and see CANADA, work AND travel Canada! Work will be as much of an experience as travel will be.

Do something different from what you do at home! Go and see the country, meet the country folks, work and have fun, it’s worth it.

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Work and Travel Canada – finding work

Can people over 30/35 years old apply for a Canadian working holiday visa?

Working visa Canada for traveller over 30/35  years old.

You will never regret your Work and Travel Canada experience, I promise!







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